Investment solution to empower young people

AGC Wealth Management offers unique investment solutions to those investors who want to protect and increase their wealth while also supporting an important social cause.

Years of combined experience
Who we are

The AlphaGamma team

AGC stands for AlphaGamma Capital. The team that has built AlphaGamma, an award-winning global media company, is now expanding in a new direction.

We are on a mission of building a self-sufficient media company while delivering a return for our investors.

Investors interested in preserving and multiplying their wealth while supporting the new generations – welcome aboard!

We are bringing the best of the three worlds – media, IT and finance. We praise our ability for finding opportunities where no one else sees them.

We have built our media business around discovering life-changing career and business opportunities for our community members. The financial markets – like any markets – are abundant with such unobvious opportunities as well.

Discovering and Reaping Opportunities, One Investment at a Time.

Are you an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, protect and grow your wealth, and make a profound positive impact? Then invest in our new strategy!
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How it works

Reasons to invest with us

Our strategy focuses on investing in cash-bearing assets: public equity, corporate bonds, and real estate. Such approach allows to maintain a recession-proof portfolio. Part of the management and success fees will be attributed to the support and expansion of the media business – AlphaGamma – to inform and inspire hundreds of millions of young people worldwide.
Experienced Founders

Our team has a track record of building successful ventures and managing investments in diversified portfolios.

Successful Entrepreneurs

We love building things. It’s a rare combination when investment fund entrepreneurs have prior experiences in running businesses.

We Have the Foundation

We love discovering opportunities when others don’t. This creates an edge for us as investment managers since our media business is about showcasing opportunities most of the people miss or can’t access.

Deeply Enrooted Mission

We love helping our community members at AlphaGamma succeed in their careers. AGC Wealth Management is about leveraging what we have already established.

We Have Proven Ourselves

By trusting us your funds, you will get peace of mind knowing that you’re in a good company. The European Commission, Vodafone, Bertelsmann,, among others, have been trusting us in realising our mission.

Challenging Status Quo

Finding opportunities in unusual places allowed us to look at many aspects of running a business independently, critically, and from a different perspective.

Trusted by world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Our Vision

Why should you invest with us? Because we try harder.

We see that the world of media is in shambles. In the modern world, it’s an incredibly challenging task for an independent media company to be financially sustainable while maintaining objectivity and serving its readers rather than its advertisers and investors.

By establishing AGC Wealth Management, we want to initially raise the fund of EUR 150M and then double the assets under management annually until we reach EUR 50B. In the meantime, we will be deploying capital in a highly-liquid, diversified and dividend-paying portfolio, while supporting the main mission of AlphaGamma.

Through this structure, investors will be able to meet their ESG goals – by making noticeable and measurable improvements in our society and supporting the next generations – while generating predictable regular returns on their investments.

our strategy

Key principles


We like keeping eggs in multiple baskets. Because even if one breaks, we will have the margin of safety.

High Liquidity

Since we deal with public markets, we are able to make changes within our portfolio swiftly and at a lower cost.

Income Generation

70% of all wealth generated through dividends. We invest in cash-bearing assets, combining the capital gains and dividend payouts in the total return.


Asset classes that we picked tend to balance each other out in different market conditions.

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